Sword Art Online 21



Hola, ésta vez me apure y logré sacarlo el mismo día :3, buen cap, ya tiene karas y le agradezco a quien me paso la fuente y nos vemos la próxima semana.


11 Respuestas a “Sword Art Online 21

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      • So was it REALLY a corporate policy or was the cashier trying to rip you off? I have often found at TRU and a lot of other big box stores that if they are poorly managed, the service desk cashier can tell you some pretty crazy things that aren’t necessarily true. I’m sure in larger situations, the middle management may even be in on the scheme. Good job calling their bluff!My Money Design recently posted..

    • The feet hanging off the shoes thing drives me batty. I always wonder if maybe they didn’t bother trying them on when they bought them. How can that be corelmtabof?!

  1. gracias por el cap.

    Alguien puede decirme donde puedo descargar el capitulo especial numero 1 de sword online?
    Es que en la pagina del fansub viejo esta en putlocker, y no lo encontrado en ningun lado, la version Mad me refiero, solo me falta ese cap para tener la version de Madness completa.


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